First up, if you have any questions, want to stock Fry Baby or you're an artist and want to collaborate then email or hit the contact form at the bottom

Q: I've got a good idea for a patch and I'm an artist, can we collab?

A. We're all ears - hit up the email above or contact section below

Q. I have a watermelon / pea sized head, will the hat fit me?

A. The hats are adjustable and will fit from about 45cm up to around 60cm + there are some kids hats available

Q. Got a gift card option?

A. You betcha! Head to the hats section to find it

Q. Can I stock Fry Baby hats in my store?

A. Most Definitely! Hit that email above or the contact form below

Q. All good if I wear mine in the pool?

A. The metal buckle doesn't love getting wet, so nah!

Q. Can I wash my Fry Baby?

A. Do a gentle wash with like colours and let it dry well in the shade or indirect light. If it's a bit tight after the wash, give it a hand stretch

Q. What condition are the Fry Baby Vintage goods?

A. All Fry Baby Vintage clothes are second hand and sales are final. Photos will show any major imperfections


All products are sent with authority to leave on premises and can fit in a letterbox, these are agreed shipping terms of purchase. If there's any problems, email us within 48 hrs of receiving your delivery. All extra taxes for overseas countries are not covered by Fry Baby.


The best hats are the rarities - that's why all Fry Baby’s are limited edition. Every month there’s a new hat, never to be repeated. Big looks in small batches.

Declan Byrne started Fry Baby because he believes that hats shouldn’t only be functional, they should be beautiful to look at. That’s why every drop has an embroidered patch, designed by a local artist. Stop searching for walls to hang your art on, whack it on the spare real estate above your eyebrows.

When you find a good hat, it’s like making a friend for life. Bit dramatic you say? Maybe these hats aren’t for you.

Contact form

Contact form